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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Grimes – Scream Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu

    cord kord chord  Grimes – Scream Lyrics  kunci gitar                   

[Verse 1]
A scream that hides in the lungs
Hides within your flesh and bones
There is no way for a cure
It becomes a disease
Once dry then dripping wet
Swells lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Grimes – Scream Lyrics download mp3 and is meaty and juicy
At the same time a woman with her full black hair walks on the mountains in dreamscape
Memories siphon like mosquitoes
Open their unblinking eyes
Like huge half-flared, unlusting nostrils
I’ve bitten down – are you still unmoved?
You you you can scream out now
Following your spine
My finger creates an icy lake
Look around – no one’s watching
Tear off your jacket and jump in with tears streaming
[Verse 2]
I want to record you orgasm
But I pressed the wrong key
Lost time cannot be taken back
Lying pitifully
Fighting fluid
Sticky and transparent in my palm – it stays elastic
I can’t have enough – I want to milk more from your body
At this time the telephone rings
A pack of deer waits outside the window at the same time
The blue wind almost scatters chords Grimes – Scream Lyrics lyrics but froths
Escapes from your opening eyes
Pick up the phone and loneliness falls
The lust and screams that are born
I listen to as I lick off your sweat bead by bead
If you can’t scream it out then swallow it down


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