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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Michael Christmas – Where You Been? Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
Open my eyes, what the fuck do I see?
I see the world lacks time, and I don’t need no clock for this
Wait, that’s the wrong song, shit
The world got confusing for a bit, and still I don’t get it
Everybody want some shit a whole lot of [?] are at this party
Listen to me spit like I’m a rapper
Like I got bars for days and gold chains
Like I live up in a mansion, no apartment, [?]
Still I pay my rent, momma still be callin
I got all I want, it ain’t impress [?]
Bethany just blocked me, I ain’t even read her tweets
My dad ain’t pay his phone so I ain’t heard from him in weeks
Got used to niggas lookin at my shit like, “boy, you weak!”
Cuz I’m still Michael [?]
Momma said don’t go to (?Copeland?) they got niggas in the street
They don’t care if you [?] in your cheek at thirteen
I was writing whole tracks with no beats at fourteen
I was writing on them Blackberry keys at fifteen
I was doing open mics, all free, at sixteen
I recorded in the basement [?] at seventeen
I was rocking with Monroe, tryna eat at eighteen
I [?] OG at nineteen
Dropped Is This Art? and now shit different
At twenty years old I [?]
Got a lot of love, don’t got a lot of wishes
All I want chords Michael Christmas – Where You Been? Lyrics lyrics is glory in the crib [?] live in
If you got a story then you tell it and they gotta listen

[Pre-Hook x4]
Where you cord kord chord Michael Christmas – Where You Been? Lyrics kunci gitar been?
Where you going?

Don’t be so emotional
Just staring at this open road
Two seconds, I turn off my phone
And just a ride for a minute
And all the bullshit’s live for a minute
They told me that the sky is the limit
They told me that the sky is the limit, the lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Michael Christmas – Where You Been? Lyrics download mp3 sky is the limit
They told me that the sky is the limit
They told me that the sky is the limit

[Verse 2: Logic]
Uh, yeah
Elevated my vision and through all my indecision
I’m bustin’ like GZA, this mental prism is prison
I’ve risen out of this shit, made a million out of spit
If you feelin inadequate, and mad a bit
Like when Anakin had a fit
Then keep it going, knowing it could be nothing
While society bluffin’, lying
[?] we keep it movin’
Over and over, we provin’
The realest, illest, and chillest
Rockin’ chinchillas, like what the fuck?
It’s mathematical, never had to grew up
What would you rather do?
Serve up customers with attitudes
Or flying private while the pilot
Only focused on latitude
Just cuz he got it, that don’t mean that you should be [?]
Do what you want in this life
Do what you rather do
Never get caught in the middle
Belittled, and feelin’ little, fool
Just do you

[Pre-Hook x4]



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